Why Your CV Isn't Winning With Remote Job Recruiters

We recently touched on this topic on our social media platforms, but this topic is so essential it warrants a much more detailed explanation. Your CV probably isn't winning you favors with remote job recruiters, or companies hiring remotely.

Here is what you should know about remote job recruiters: they won't read your whole CV, and there's a chance they might even count you out just by the sheer appearance of it. Now before you get angry - let us explain why this is the norm for many in hiring roles.

We are commonly taught that a CV should include all our major achievements, work experience, and skills. We're also taught that CV's are the equivalent of a foot in the door, so you need to make yourself look as good as possible to outshine other potential applicants. This all sounds good but is only partially correct. You should be attempting to outshine the competition, but the chances are very high that your CV won't make you stand out, or even be suited for the type of remote work you are applying for unless it is set up in a specific way.

The reality for many remote job recruiters is that:

-Nearly 80% of all resumes are misleading in some way

-30% of CV's contain fraudulent qualifications

-27% of CV's have false references

This has resulted in CV's becoming the least reliable way of measuring an individual's experience and will put more pressure on you to have a CV that can get the message across accurately, quickly and honestly. You may have been tempted to fill your CV with every achievement since that junior ballet class concert but by doing so it will be detrimental to your potential to find a remote job. And we all know those dancing days are long gone!

Instead, your CV should really be a summary of your collective work experience, with easy-to-skim highlights placed front and center. For remote work, there are even further steps you should take to include your most valuable skills in a way that is easily readable and memorable. If you have extensive work experience, it may be better to pick and choose the ones most relevant to the new position you want to apply for. Instead of bombarding the recruiter or person hiring with a wall of information, let them get back to you if they have more questions about your experience. This scores you a follow-up at the very least!

With remote work, it is essential that you show them your strongest digital skills - think about it, your CV might not necessarily land you the job but it could lead to an interview. Interviews are where you really get a chance to show your personality and go-getterness to seal the deal; this is the point you should aim to get to when you first apply.

Here's a more detailed example of what we are talking about when it comes to reviewing CV's. Pretend you are a remote job recruiter for a second and take a look at the two separate images below. Ask yourself; which would you prefer to offer a follow-up to? Which seems more interesting?

Example 1: Extract from a typical CV

Example 2: The same CV, redesigned

This is just a very basic example, but we know which one we would prefer to receive!

You can see in the second example how plenty of unnecessary information was removed and how all the most key information is easily readable and center stage. The second CV is much more likely to be successful with remote job recruiters or remote companies that are hiring and will have a much wider appeal. The first, on the other hand, will quickly be put into the "No" pile, no matter how good the candidate is or how suited they are to the open position in question. This may be sad, but it's true.

The job market is more competitive than ever, with many around the world filing for unemployment in the face of COVID-19 lockdowns. In the US alone, over 6.6 million workers have filed for unemployment, the highest number of jobless claims in American history. There is no doubt that other countries around the world are seeing similar spikes, and we may still see these numbers increase in weeks to come as the economy softens further.

If there was ever a time to invest in updating your CV and cover letter, it is now. Desk To Remote is made up of experts in remote work and hiring, and we can help take your CV from drab to fab - no matter the industry. Let us take the stress out of job hunting - get your remote work CV redesign and custom cover letter by clicking here.

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