What Is A Virtual Office And Why It Can Save Freelancers

For entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses, renting a physical office can be expensive. Usually, working at home or from a local cafe can be a cheaper and easier option for them.

Nevertheless, the benefits of having a professional business address, meeting space, and other office-style services available fast can be huge.

With the technology in these modern times, a small startup or freelancer can have a global presence right from the get-go by setting up a Virtual Office (VO) at a decent price.

What Is A Virtual Office?

Virtual Offices are communication services that replace the traditional office suite. This type of service offers you everything that a real office does, but without the physical space itself. Virtual offices typically include a series of features like a remote receptionist or virtual assistants, a professional, or mailing addresses that can be utilized by you and your team.

Basically, a virtual office enables you to work wherever you want, while still benefiting from the professional business image and communication tech that comes with being based in a traditional office. Virtual offices are a low-cost office solution that provides everything that you or your team needs in order to work, but without the hassle of managing a physical space.

The target market for virtual offices(VO) is people who work remotely, either entrepreneurs, freelancers, or small startups who wish a global presence.

This is a perfect choice also for people who work from home or conduct online or non-traditional business. You and your business will gain tremendous flexibility with a global reach, easy and cheap.

What Services Do Virtual Office Suppliers Offer?

1. Business address

As a small business owner, you get an address within a reputable area code, which is a good way to reassure clients that the business is legitimate.

In a nutshell, this could make your small company look bigger and better!

2. Live receptionist

A receptionist of a Virtual Office will help you arrange meetings for your office that seem a little less virtual to your customers and business colleagues.

3. Address relocation

Do you want to change your address and phone number to a different continent? No problem, it can be done easily. Most of the providers have this option so you can easily switch your business address easily from London to Dubai for example.

4. Mail handling

If you get your business mail sent to the VO address whilst you are on the go, then this is a great service. You can get all the post scanned and emailed over to you so you can stay on top of your admin without even stepping into that location.

5. Business Phones

This simplifies the management of your incoming calls and means that you don’t have to give away your personal mobile. Instead, use a real landline number than makes you look a little more ‘pro’!

These are just some of the services offered by virtual office providers.

Some premium ones can include in their packages some extra benefits like Virtual Assistant or even meeting rooms in their centers.

Make sure you check beforehand what is included in your contract. Some might offer less, and some of the premium services might very well offer more.

Why Would You Pay For A Virtual Office As An Entrepreneur Or Freelancer?

For entrepreneurs who have been building their business from home or freelancers on the go, a virtual office can serve as that first step towards getting established in a physical space – but without the commitment of renting an actual desk or room in an office building. Hence this type of service offers immense flexibility.

Second, if you want to give your business a more professional image but you are not ready to commit to a long lease into a physical office, a virtual office address and receptionist can boost your image amongst your clients and potential customers.

Third, a mail handling service for your bills and contracts is a lifesaver if you are traveling often. Your email will get scanned and sent to you by email. This way, you will be able to read your mail even if you are on the other side of the globe. Pretty cool isn’t it?

And last but not least, you can easily “relocate” by just changing with your VO provider the “location” of your office depending on your clients or maturity phase of your business.

If this article made you curious and you want to know more about these services, we’ve put together a small list below with VO suppliers.

Main Virtual Office Providers Globally

1. Regus

Regus is the world’s largest provider of flexible workspace solutions, with customers including entrepreneurs, individuals, and multi-billion dollar corporations.

Their network includes almost 3000 business centers, spanning almost 900 cities across 120 countries. The range of office formats is wide, from office space to virtual office, and workplace recovery businesses. This enables people and businesses to work where they want, when they want, how they want, and at a range of price points.

The cool part about Virtual Office with Regus is that you have the option to access the physical Regus office network comprising over 3,000 premium locations around the world. This is nice to have if you change cities a few times a year.

2. Rovva

Rovva is the world’s largest business support platform. It has over 3,000 real locations (not PO BOXes) and business addresses in 900 cities.

It puts everything you need for your business in one place – every topic, every service, in every country.

Whether you need a professional business address or a network of drop-in business lounges, they offer it. They have one platform where you can research, book, and buy all in one place, globally.

Rovva is suited for you if the business you own is fresh or if you just want to operate more efficiently or grow into new markets.

3. City Office

The City Office network also operates globally and offers Virtual Offices in North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia, and the Middle East.

With City Office you get to choose a prestigious Business Address, anywhere in the world, which includes Mail Forwarding service, then you are allocated a telephone number that will be assigned with a prefix relative to the address location, and finally, you are given your own fax line number.

Have you ever used Virtual Office Services? If you did, can you tell us about your experience in the comments below?

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