Tips And Tricks That Teach You How To Land A Remote Job

Finding a remote job can prove to be a real challenge, but there are certain characteristics that will make you stand out more as a candidate no matter the industry you are in.

For most of us, working remotely is nothing less than living the dream. And if you belong to that category, you might just be in luck! Remote work is making headlines, especially in this pandemic: according to a report by Inavero, seventy-three percent of all departments will have remote workers by 2027.

Over the years, various studies and research have proven that people who are given the feasibility to work remotely are stress-free, highly productive, and fulfill their responsibilities much better than those who are asked to come and work in an office.

With that being said, searching for a remote job is not a piece of cake, and neither is getting hired. So much of mainstream hiring and recruiting is still built around in-person opportunities. But if you do have a strategy and know where to look—and how to outshine everyone as a robust remote candidate—it’s most certainly achievable.

Is working from home your idea of living the dream? Well, then here are some efficient tips to assist you in finding the most convenient remote opportunity and get hired.

Know What the Employers Are Looking For

Just like in every job hunt, it’s extremely crucial to consider the employer’s perspective. Most of the time, companies are looking for someone who is an excellent communicator, a self-starter, and trustworthy. It is vital for an applicant to highlight all these attributes in their interviews and application documents.

Prior to applying for any remote job, make sure to spend plenty of time writing down what makes you stand out as a remote working candidate. For instance:

Are you motivated enough? If yes, then don’t forget to talk about your drive to succeed in your job interview.

Are you incredibly organized? If yes, then it’s vital for you to showcase all your organizational skills by providing an example of those skills from your career.

Have you ever worked remotely before? Do you understand the challenges that come with working from home full-time?

In case you have worked remotely previously, mention your remote work experience on your resume, discuss it during your interview, and talk about how you’ve been able to tackle the challenges that most remote candidates face.

In order to become the perfect remote candidate, you need to examine what sets you apart, your strengths, and your weaknesses. Once you figure that out, you just need to find a way to beautifully present it to hiring managers and recruiters.

Possess Sufficient Tech Knowledge

While not all remote roles are tech-based, having some solid tech skills and knowledge is a major bonus when you’re applying for remote jobs.

You need to have a good understanding of the modern-day, high-tech tools, and software available for the industry you are applying in. Since all your work will be done online, it’s important to be familiar with the workings of the most efficient software that is relevant to your job. If you can show potential employers you already know the standards they work with, you add another point to your overall score.

Showing off your highly valuable tech skills on your resume and cover letter is a must, and if you don’t have those skills just yet you will be expected to pick them up quickly. Remote work can often be fast-paced, and it will stand you in good stead to start learning the skills you see commonly coming up in job listings.

There is another aspect of tech knowledge that is important to know, especially when interviewing online. Make sure that you have the skills to back up what you have put on your CV, or you may find your interviewer will quickly realize that you have overstated your abilities. Interviews are your chance to put your best foot forward and highlight what makes you stand out as a candidate - you definitely don't want the differentiating factor to be that you lied about your experience! One of the greatest advantages of the digital age is how many courses and educational resources are freely available online. Instead of lying about skills you don't possess, enroll in a course and tell your interviewer that you are actively working on building the skills they need.

While finding a remote job can be challenging, there are some steps you can take towards improving your chances of getting hired. Candidates that take the time to consider what the employer wants and show them those qualities increase their likelihood of being employed tenfold. At the same time, you want to be realistic about the skills that you have, and pay attention to ones that you should add by reading remote job listings specific to your industry.

What finding remote work takes up in time, it makes up for in payoff. Start your remote work journey with Desk To Remote today by clicking here.

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