The Benefits Of Remote Work: Why You Should Make The Change Before 2021

With the uncertainty of 2021 looming just a handful of days away, the time to launch your remote job search is now.

The end of the year is quickly approaching and with it a big ball of uncertainty that has caused many of us to do some introspection. The pandemic of 2020 has wreaked havoc on global economies and job markets, and the demand for remote work has spiked as a result.

While we're all hoping for 2021 to be a return to business as usual, flare-ups of the coronavirus showing up around the world are an indication that working from home will be the new normal instead. The good news is that there are many benefits of remote work that many people are getting exposure to for the first time. The bad news is that these work-from-home measures are temporary and the chances of returning to traditional offices after some time are high.

If the idea of commuting back and forth every day, working in an office in officewear, and exposing yourself more than needed doesn't appeal to you, it's time to consider doing a remote job search for a full-time work from home position. If you can get the same salary, benefits, and experience or better working from a home office, why would you ever go back to a traditional office again?

To help you make the jump, we've put together the top benefits of remote work and the reasons why you should look for a role with a 100% remote company:

Work Done Your Way

One of the greatest benefits that come with working remotely full-time is that you can work how you prefer without compromising your employment. Feel like spending the day working from a cafe or a beautiful park? That's an option for you.

You can travel and work online at the same time, becoming a digital nomad that sees the world, or you can work from the comfort of your own home and spend your days wearing loungewear to meetings. The best thing about remote work is that how you do it is totally up to you, as long as your targets and goals are being met.

Companies with remote work at their core know that their employees and contractors value their work-life balance, which means that they offer more flexible hours and holiday policies (paid time-off, anyone?) as an advantageous incentive.

Being Location Independent

As a remote worker, the internet is your office. The benefit of having your office at your fingertips using nearly any internet-enabled device means that there's no need to be tied down to one location.

Many remote workers travel the globe while building their careers, becoming digital nomads as mentioned above. But there's another part of location-independence which is often overlooked - how the ability to work anywhere relates to being hired anywhere.

By working online, you open yourself up as a candidate to remote companies that are founded in multiple different countries. Widening your job search across borders increases the number of opportunities open to you, and can improve key working factors like your salary or job benefits. You may also be able to earn a salary in a currency that is more favorable than that of your home country.

Save The Trees

Recent data by Upwork has shown that working from home can save an individual nearly 6 hours a week that would otherwise be spent commuting. Working from home has a positive impact on the environment and sustainability.

The number of people working remotely around the world greatly reduces the number of greenhouse gas emissions in the air. The environmental-friendliness goes beyond decreasing how many cars there are on the road. Less paper, air conditioning in commercial buildings, and other changes made by having workforces work from home have made companies greener.

Start Your Remote Job Search Without Compromising Your Current Employment

Thinking about transitioning to remote work but scared of taking the leap until you have something solid in hand?

Desk To Remote can help you find the next big work from home opportunity while you focus on your current career. Get your CV, cover letter, or LinkedIn optimized for remote work, or have a professional remote recruiter put together a list of suitable jobs for you every week.

Don't miss out on the benefits of remote work - streamline your remote job search with us and start your 2021 working from the comfort of home.

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