Remote Work Trends: What Are They And Who Is Hiring?

Remote work is increasingly becoming an accepted way to earn a living, and these trends show it's not just for technical roles (but they are still out there!)

Globally, workspaces have been changing for the past few years. Now, in recent months, remote work has skyrocketed with major companies announcing permanent work-from-home policies designed to not only provide worker safety but also lower overhead costs. With much of the world's traditional workforce now looking for remote employment, the most common questions are about remote work trends. What are these trends, and are they here to stay? And on that note, who is hiring remotely right now?

Remote Work Trends: Getting Ahead

Remote work has been growing steadily, and today it's more than just the tech sector that has options for remote work opportunities. Recent remote work trends have seen fields like digital marketing, sales, customer service, and many others become highly in demand. While not as tech-focussed as web development or software engineering, the key is that these roles still require some sort of tech awareness. You need to feel comfortable using a variety of online tools or feel confident enough to find out how to use them through research. Things move fast in this type of environment, and you need to be on the ball.

Many companies at the forefront of remote work are still tech-based, and while this is changing there are still industry standards that remote workers rely on in non-tech roles. Communication tools like Zoom, Slack, or Skype, knowing Agile principles and digital task management in team environments are just a few examples. If you're expecting to find a job in a remote-based company, pay attention to the industry and it's latest developments. Take the time to find out which systems or tech standards they use. This knowledge will get you far.

Other Related Trends: Freelancers vs Small Companies

Freelancing has been another remote work trend this year, with many taking on side hustles while they suffer the economic consequences of the pandemic. As much as a third of all remote workers are made up of freelance workers, bolstering the gig economy. Services like Fiverr, People Per Hour, and Upwork allow pre-vetted professionals to advertise what they can do on an open marketplace. This type of remote work is not without challenges, coming with little to nothing in the way of additional benefits but enabling flexible hours and top-level decision making.

Smaller companies have also been making waves in the remote world over the past few months. A study by Owl Labs found that small companies are twice as likely to hire full-time remote employees. These companies may be ahead of the remote work hiring trend due to their scale - larger corporations and brands may find it more challenging to introduce 100% remote roles due to their existing company infrastructure. Smaller companies also stand to benefit from offering remote work; little to no office rental needed, employees don't need to commute and there are other massive costs to be saved. Nowadays, many companies run from a physical P.O Box alone.

Which Industries Are Hiring Right Now?

The answer here can vary depending on which dataset is used. Desk To Remote has found the education industry, healthcare industry and increasingly the financial industry has been looking for remote candidates. Tech and marketing see nearly consistent demand from companies hiring remotely, operations and sales have also been becoming increasingly common on the listing boards.

Luckily, for more entry-level candidates, customer service is another in-demand field with consistent opportunities being posted every month by top companies. Ecommerce is an exploding sector right now which creates a lot of career-building options in terms of employment.

All that being said, with even governments going fully remote during the COVID-19 crisis, it's safe to say that many once-traditional jobs are compatible with this model of work.

How Do I Find Work In One Of These Industries?

The chances are good that you have been intrigued by the recent remote work trends and have wondered how to get started. That's where we come in - Desk To Remote can help you optimize your application documents for remote work, canvas remote opportunities based on your professional experience, and provide one-on-one skills and interview coaching.

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