How You Can Benefit From A Targeted Remote Job Search

What is the difference between finding a remote position yourself and working with a remote recruiter to do a professional job search?

In theory, looking for a remote job should be pretty straightforward. You look up remote listings using a search engine, find options applicable to you, and apply for them. Then you wait until you either get a reply or safely move on to start the process all over again.

However, those of us with remote work experience know that landing the remote job you want is hardly ever straightforward. Applications seem to go into a black hole where you never hear back or you never know exactly what you are going to get.

There are a few big differences between your average Google search for remote work opportunities and how a remote recruiter would professionally source remote jobs for you. While searching by yourself is a valid strategy for finding remote work, there are certain additional steps remote recruiting specialists take to help candidates go to the next level when applying.

Keep reading to learn how a targeted remote job search with a remote recruiter can benefit you during your job hunt:

Searching For Remote Work Independently

When searching for a remote job on your own, there are one or two steps that you have likely taken to try and get hired remotely. You've probably visited a generic remote listing website or two, joined some digital nomad Facebook groups, and applied to anything and everything relevant to you with varied results.

This approach can be successful, but the chances are good you will find yourself applying and applying with very few actual prospects materializing. Many aspiring remote workers burn out at this stage, finding the constant applications with no responses to be demotivating. If you do get responses, they may not be in the salary range you want or don't offer the benefits you are looking for.

The truth is that landing the role you want will be a process with a lot of lows and one or two good highs if you're lucky. If you have prior remote work experience this should be familiar to you, but as someone new to the remote work world getting to the stage of being hired can be intimidating.

Looking for remote listings by yourself is possible, but can be time-intensive and impractical especially if you're looking within a specific niche. There is also the added caveat that you may not know what the company's reputation is and what it's like to work for them before applying, potentially tieing you into a role you won't want to do for the next few years. So many companies pose as legitimate work-from-home options only to be scams, have wishy-washy employee policies, or want you to do something illegal (MLM companies we're looking at you).

Working With A Remote Recruiter

Working with a remote recruiter that is able to offer targeted job search services holds a set of advantages not necessarily available if you're looking for job options by yourself. With a targeted and personalized job search from a remote recruiter:

- You spend less time and effort scouring over dozens of listings only to find one or two relevant options

- You have a professional on your side that can source more exclusive listings for you based on your past work experience

- The recruiter can access internal or private job lead networks that you may not have access to

- The recruiter can prescreen positions for you, ensuring you are receiving only relevant listings within your salary and desired benefits range

- This prescreening will include vetting the company, reading previous employee reviews and checking company credibility from multiple sources

- You get access to an actionable shortlist with positions suitable for immediate application

A remote recruiter can also cover other key parts of the hiring process with you, from the first step of creating a good CV all the way through to prepping for different interviews.

The only downside to this approach is that working with a remote recruiter requires a nominal fee from you upfront. This fee covers the time spent by the recruiter researching quality listings specifically for your needs. You can think of this strategy as a way of speedrunning the remote work finding process, and the startup cost can really pay off over the long-term.

When Working With A Remote Recruiter Is A Good Idea

There is more than one use-case for working with a recruiter that specializes in remote work. One is for beginners, and the second is for experienced professionals working in specific niches.

For beginners with no prior remote experience, working with a remote recruiter can provide valuable insights and guidance to help them launch a career working from home full-time. New remote work candidates often know that they want to work remotely, but are unsure of which industry to pursue or how they can fit into the bigger picture. Certain recruitment companies like Desk To Remote have coaching services that help newly-remote candidates find a path and build the skills needed to land not just their first job but also to launch a new career that will guide them in hiring opportunities long into the future.

For professionals with prior remote work experience and an already-established niche, working with a remote recruiter can help them to find roles with their specific requirements, such as programmers specializing in certain technologies and languages. This approach also works well for individuals in more senior roles, people with a clear idea of what they want but wanting to take their time finding the right company before making the leap.

Working with a remote recruiter to do a more targeted remote work search can be a differentiator when it comes to finding something to do professionally for the foreseeable future. While it's definitely possible to find a remote job yourself, having an expert on your side to help you with your CV, applications, and skill-building can pay off in a big way and save you a lot of time and effort to boot. Remote recruiters can source legitimate work from home opportunities from a variety of places, including exclusive networks you may not have access to.

If you're interested in a personalized remote job search, Desk To Remote can help you kickstart the process today. Get started by clicking here.

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