Balancing A Career In Health, Wellness And Remote Work: Highlighting Remote Workers

In this new series, we will be highlighting real, successful remote workers working in various industries across the globe. They'll give us an insight into how they got started in their industry, their advice to their younger selves, and tell us why they chose remote work.

Introducing: Danya Joy - integrative health practitioner, registered nurse, and remote worker!

Danya, in her own words, specializes in rebalancing the gut from a root level. She blends functional medicine and nutrition to help people heal their bodies, especially when western medicine has failed.

Check out her website at for gut health and visit to schedule an appointment.

How did you start working remotely?

I have always loved traveling. In fact, part of why I became a nurse was for the freedom and finances to travel frequently. I took a month off of work to travel in SE Asia and that taste of freedom was enough to push me to take the plunge and figure out exactly what I needed to do to work remotely and travel full time.

In 4 months, I saved enough money to travel for 6 months and work on growing my own business in integrative health. I got a certification in functional medicine and nutrition and began working to help everyone I know to achieve their health goals! It has grown from there!

What made you choose your current field, and what do you love about it?

I absolutely love health. I always have. I find the human body so amazing in all of the things it is capable of. Making the decision to start my own business and travel was easy because I had already been looking for a way to support people with a more holistic view of health than hospitals offer.

I believe that in order to be the best version of yourself and offer the world your gifts, you must have your health. When you struggle with brain fog, digestive issues, and feeling good in your body every day, it can be very hard to show up as your best self. I love the transformation, the energy, and the joy that people get out of accomplishing difficult things and seeing how much they are capable of.

What has been the highlight of your remote career so far?

The moment I realized that I could choose anywhere in the world to go next. There was nothing holding me back, dictating where I should be or how long I could be gone.

What are some of the challenges you faced?

Working from home and moving often makes it difficult to create a community. You have to actively seek out others and find interactions that help you create bonds with other people. In addition, starting your own business is hard! There are days you feel like you will never be able to make it work, but you power through.

How did you stay motivated when facing these challenges?

I am motivated by the bigger picture of the impact I can make in the world. As I mentioned, I believe that in order to make your biggest impact and show up as your best self, you must have your health. Helping others achieve that vision pushes me forward every day.

What is your opinion of remote work? Benefits versus disadvantages?

I honestly do not see a disadvantage. I think remote work is the future. It is cost-efficient, it allows us freedom, it minimizes money spent on office space. And it allows us to make our own schedules and work smarter.

While it can be hard to work alone all the time, you have the opportunity to create your own community which, I believe, is much more valuable than any work community you may step into.

If you could advise a younger version of yourself to do something different - what would it be?

I would advise myself to choose something practical. I went the long way. I have a bachelor’s degree in biological anthropology, a year of naturopathic medical school, a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and now a certification in functional medicine and integrative health. That last piece of the puzzle has had the most impact on my life in the shortest amount of time.

What do you predict for the future of your industry?

It is growing rapidly. While it is quickly saturating, health and wellness will never go away. Humans will always struggle with finding the balance between temptations and long term health and wellness. It’s also rapidly evolving. We learn more about the human body every year. Someone has to teach it and support others when it gets hard. This isn’t a one-man journey!

What would you like to achieve professionally in the next five years?

I would like to grow this business! My dream is to create a functional medicine program that is accessible to everyone. Currently, functional medicine and even nutrition are often held only for those who can afford a premium product. I want to teach and educate everyone in a way that they can apply what they’ve learned and take control of their own health.

And I want to do it a price that makes it accessible to all.

Any words of wisdom for people looking to get hired in your industry?

Find a mentor! This is not an easy road and you can save yourself so much time and energy by investing in someone who can kickstart your progress. In the health and wellness industry, we want to help and support people. Learning marketing and social media and how to build a website are all things that cut into your time and ability to make an impact.

Any predictions for what will happen to remote work as a whole?

It’s about to take off! I can see it happening already and I am so excited for what the world looks like when we all have more freedom and we are less tied to a desk. Desks hurt our souls. I think humanity will find new compassion and love when they are able to engage with the world in a new way, on their own terms.

Final question, what is your go-to recommendation for others to read, listen to, or watch right now?

The Broken Brain podcast is an amazing one for anyone interested in health and wellness. If you’re on the path to becoming an entrepreneur, The Entrepology Podcast is the absolute best!

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