3 Ways To Win Over Remote Work Companies During Interviews

You've made it to the interview stage of the process, but how can you ensure that you nail down an offer?

The interview is often the most nerve-wracking part of the remote job-hunting process for candidates, and it makes sense why. Speaking to company founders about your skills and why you should be hired over anyone else is one of the most stressful parts of applying for work-from-home opportunities.

The good news is that there are several things that you can do to not only prepare for an interview but be sure that you make it to the final rounds or offer. It's important to remember that job interviewing is a skill that can be gained. By keeping the advice in this article in mind and iterating on what you do best in an online interview, you'll soon be able to nail any interview with ease.

We've put together a few tips inspired by our remote Interview Coaching package which you can view in more detail here.

Be Prepared

The most important thing for any remote work hopeful new or old is to do research about the company they are interviewing with and the people they will be talking to. We cannot overstate how essential it is to be prepared when you join an online interview - if you've done your homework you'll be more confident when replying to questions or asking your own.

Let's say that you're interviewing with a SaaS company that has recently been in the news for the release of a new future. The prepared candidate will have made note of this development and created questions or statements around it, such as "I see you recently released X, what integrations do you plan to add in the future?" or if the company has reached a major milestone, you could ask them what their goal is for the next year following their achievement.

The other step you should take when preparing for your interview is to look at the job listing in detail. What are the requirements you fulfill versus the ones you don't? If there is something on the list you don't currently know, would you be willing to learn it? You don't have to fit the listing 100% to apply, but it helps to at least know the basics of what they are referring to and how it works.

Make Crib Notes

If you're a person that gets particularly anxious about interviews, don't be afraid to keep notes close. You can note down important things about the company and who you are as a candidate as well.

In terms of the company, you may want to take down any important news, services, or features they have released, a summary of the job-listing, and a few ideas you can suggest during the call. Try to focus on things that can spark a conversation and show that you're truly interested in what they do. If you can do so without appearing distracted or making noise, grab down some of the details they give you and mention it in the second round of interviews!

As mentioned above, you can also make crib notes about yourself as a candidate. What are the skills you want to talk about the most? What are the strengths and weaknesses that define you as an employee? In the moment, with nerves playing havoc, it's easy to forget what you wanted to say or not to get all your points across. With your notes in front of you (even if it just contains keywords) you'll be ready for the questions as they come up.

Boost Your Confidence

This might be easier said than done, but hear us out. Everyone has one thing they do to make themselves feel good - whether it's wearing a lucky shirt, listening to upbeat music, or doing mindful meditation, make sure you set some time aside before your interview call to do something for you. The reason this is so vital is that it will act as a distraction from the worst of the interview-anxiety and help you to come across more positive and excited to your interviewer.

Remote interviews are typically less formal than traditional in-person interviews, and that means that you have the opportunity to show your personality more. Many companies offering work from home jobs work with global teams, and if you get hired by one you'll be working with people you may never see in person. So if you're able to connect well and be engaging on the call, the interviewer will see you as a better culture-fit. A great attitude is a highly desirable trait in a candidate.

These are three actionable tips that you can make use of to improve your interview experience and get better results when job-hunting, but they're only the beginning. At Desk To Remote, we have a full interview prep package available that can help you improve your remote employability and get hired.

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