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The working world is steadily coming around to the idea that allowing people to work from home makes them happier, and more productive.

However, the majority of people in the world today do not consider remote work as a viable option for supporting themselves, or their families for that matter. As both the founder of Desk To Remote and a remote work specialist, I know this is simply not true.

There was a 159% increase in remote work between 2005 and 2019. This astronomical increase means only one thing: this is what people really want to do and they are willing to make the change.

The idea for Desk To Remote was really a culmination of several experiences, boiled down into one. I initially started my career as a remote worker, and have now spent nearly a decade working from home successfully in various sectors like tech and digital marketing. My husband works from home, my parents work from home and even my in-laws have joined the remote movement (except for one brother-in-law who works in a corporate office, but we don't really talk about that). For our entire family, the benefits were decidedly clear and none of us could ever imagine going back to the old ball and chain of working a desk job 9-5!

The other thing that drove my decision to launch Desk To Remote was you. Or, someone exactly like you - someone that is tired of following the same old routine every day. Get up early, drive to work in traffic, get to work, have too many meetings that should be emails and then sit home in the same traffic just to start the whole process over again the next day. Not to mention all the time missed that you could be pursuing your own hobbies, or spending time with your loved ones.

Sound familiar? It does for way too many people.

At Desk To Remote, we believe in everyone's potential to get the remote job they want, with the terms they want. Instead of following the same old work routine, you could make up a new one every day (thank you widespread internet connection!) and make your workspace your couch, your favorite table at that nice coffee place or even the great outdoors space where you get stuff done.

Our biggest goal is to help you achieve this goal. We've personally seen how working remotely can help change people's lives, and we want to share this opportunity with you. Remote work is the goldrush of the future - don't get caught out wishing you had started digging sooner.